Palomar Christian Conference Center


Production Equipment

2 - 70" TV's

At Palomar Christian Conference Center, people often ask the question "How can we help?"  In addition to financial gifts, PCCC has been blessed over the years by "in-kind" gifts of equipment, vehicles, and services.  These gifts save PCCC thousands of dollars and often provide equipment or resources that we could not otherwise afford.

We have made a list of things that will help advance the ministry at PCCC.  You may have some of these items that are in good working order, or you may be involved in a business that could support PCCC through one of these in-kind gift opportunities.  You can also make a financial gift designated to purchase one of these items.  Please contact us for the estimated price of the item(s) you are interested in funding.  Please keep in mind that all in-kind gifts are subject to management's review and acceptance, based on condition and suitability for ministry purposes.


Are you looking for a good home for your horse?  Look no further than us!  We are looking for horses ages 8-15 and 14-15.2hh. Must be barefoot, well trained, kid safe, and great on trails.  We are also accepting donations of Western & English youth saddles and cob & full-sized bridles.  Our horses are well cared for and very loved!  We are a non-profit which means your donation is tax deductible.  Please contact Jamie Anderson at if you are interested in donating!

Vehicles                                                                                                   Food Service

2-Wheel Drive Small Pick-Up Truck                                                                Tilt Skillet

4-Wheel Drive Pick-Up Trucks

Gas Golf Carts

Creative Services                                                                                  Maintenance

Canon 70D SDLR                                                                                               Road Sweeper

Studio Lights                                                                                                      Skid-Steer Loader

                                                                                                                            Meeting Room Carpeting

                                                                                                                            Stump Grinder

                                                                                                                            Large Deck Lawn Mower

Palomar NEEDS