ZIPLINE:  For those wanting an aerial view of Palomar, try out our 650 ft long zip line that will have you soaring over 60 ft in the air!  Ziplining is $5 per ride or $10 for unlimited rides.

BALL FIELD:  Our Ball Field is great for every possible game!  We provide the footballs, soccer balls, kick balls, baseball equipment, etc. and a great hill to roll down or sled down in the winter! 

Paintball:  Get your friends together and go to war!  We provide the referee, masks, markers and paint; you provide the survival instinct.  Paintball is $20 per person.

​ You must be 11 to play and MUST use our equipment. 

HORSES:  Saddle up for a ride down our forested trails or inside our very own arena!  Rides last for about an hour, with up to 6 riders per trail ride.

*$20 per person

Palomar Christian Conference Center


ARCHERY:  You’ll be right on target at our Archery Range! We have

bows ranging from 16-24 lbs.  Archery is free of charge.

VOLLEYBALL:  Bump, set spike!  Get your friends together for a great game of volleyball!

DISC GOLF:  Get your friends together for some hippie disc on our 9-hole course!  Need a map of the course?  Stop by our Office.

*Discs are located behind the Office with the rest of our recreation equipment.

BASKETBALL:  Enjoy our full length basketball court just below the ball field!  

GAGA BALL, PING PONG, CARPET BALL:  Overlooking our ballfield, this is a great social area!  Hang out, join in, or cheer on your friends as they battle it out in a game of Ping Pong, CarpetBall, or Gaga Ball.