Directions       General Waiver
Palomar Christian Conference Center
Doane Campus
Meeting Rooms

How to Book:                                    

We would love to talk with you more about having your retreat with us. Call and 

let us know what you are looking for in a retreat site. We will give you some dates

to think about and help you visualize what having your retreat at PCCC could

look like. 

Book Your Retreat:

To move forward in the booking process, you will need to have dates set, style

of housing selected (dorm, motel, or both), and a minimum number of campers. 

The minimum number is how many people you are guaranteeing to pay for at camp.

We then set a maximum number that is typically 10 people higher than your 

minimum, and is the number of beds we reserve for you and your group. From

here, we will send you a contract and you will have 3 weeks to sign and return

it with a 20% deposit.

Become Fully Registered:

Once we have received your deposit and contract, your contract, your group is 

fully registered! We also need a copy of liability insurance naming PCCC as a 

secondary insurer; just call your insurance provider and have them send it directly

to our office by mail or email. 

Customize Your Retreat:

6 weeks before your retreat we will give you a call to go over some details about how

you want your retreat to look. We will set activities and meeting room set-up so that 

all those details are ready for when your group arrives. We will also send you the 

general release waiver each person needs to complete in order to be on grounds.

Retreat It Up:

We try to make it as easy for you as possible. Let our staff know if we can do 

anything for you during your time here. We hope that lives are changed and that 

Christ is known during your time at camp. Know that our staff will be praying 

for your groups.