Student Curriculum: Digital Vortex Survival Guide: Behaviors, Digital Media, and the Brain

Speakers: Julie Doan, RN; Christie Walsh

Students will be taught that the neuroscience of the brain is affected by what we do, think, see, hear, and experience. Our goal is to equip teens and families with knowledge so that they can thrive in the digital age and escape being sucked into a digital vortex.

  • Brain Development
  • Stay Sober and Alert
  • Reward Pathway
  • Brain Pruning
  • Stress Management
  • Unplug for Better Health
Palomar Christian Conference Center


Campers and parents both will receive age-appropriate education from major world thought leaders.  Campers will be taught in person and will receive books and workbooks that will guide them through their learning for 4 weeks. Every week, parents will be invited via email to webinars that will educate them alongside their kids.  This is a joint effort, and we want parents to feel involved as much as possible! 

Below is information about the seminars (including curriculum for campers) and the webinars for parents.

​​Student Seminars:  All student seminars will be taught by Christian instructors who are experts in their field and who have dedicated their lives to diligently serve God and help students reach their God-given potential and calling for their lives.

​​Seminar: Teen Tech Talk

Speaker: Cris Rowan, BScOt, BScBi, SIPT

​In this presentation Cris Rowan raises awareness regarding the damaging impact of technology on child development, behavior and learning. 

  • How overuse affects your daily physical, mental, and academic performance
  • Balancing screen time to achieve well-being
  • Life-long physical consequences of too much screen time
  • Practical ways to manage healthy technology usage​ 

Seminar: The Love Trap

Speaker: Opal Singleton, President and CEO of Million Kids

“The Love Trap” teaches teenagers how predators identify a potential victim, the methods they use to recruit innocent kids, how parents can recognize the signs that their child may be being recruited, and, most importantly, it teaches young people how to protect themselves so they will not become victims of human trafficking.

  • Who is at risk?

  • Behaviors that make you a target for predators
  • Why self-worth is more important than you think
  • How to stay safe

Camp Unplugged Student Seminars

Seminar: Maximize Your Brain 

Speaker: Dr. David I. Levy , Neurosurgeon, Author

Dr. Levy will present God’s wisdom as pertinent and powerful today. Using his knowledge of the brain and Bible, he will share resources for better brain and mind health.

  • How stress and distractions affect your faith

  • How mental exercises quiet and focus your mind

  • How a healthy relationship with God brings a person joy, clarity, and peace