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Parent Curriculum: Digital Vortex Survival Guide: Behaviors, Digital Media, and the Brain

Speakers:Julie Doan, RN; 

Parents will be taught that the neuroscience of the brain is affected by what we do, think, see, hear, and experience. Our goal is to equip teens and parnets with knowledge so that they can thrive in the digital age and escape being sucked into a digital vortex.  Each of the twelve, 3 page lessons will be read, discussed and applied to the parents' own perception of their daily lives and relationship with God. Topics include: God is in science, brain development, brain pruning, the reward cycle, fight or flight response, and more.  Our brains and body are miraculously made.  When a parent learns about their own brain development they realize their behaviors matter!  In this 6-part series, the parent correlate Biblical principles with healthy brain function. We will then apply it to digital media use and analyze how too much screen time limits the brain’s ability to properly function.  This interactive class will enable parents to realize that there is a limited time to learn the skills they need for reaching their God-given potential.

Parent Webinar: Disconnect to Reconnect

Speaker: Cris Rowan, BScOt, BScBi, SIPT

  •  How overuse affects your daily physical, mental, academic performance

  • Balancing screen time to achieve well-being

  • Life-long physical consequences of too much screen time

 In this presentation Cris Rowan raises awareness regarding the damaging impact of technology on child development, behavior and learning.  While technology offers obvious promise for children, perils associated with early use and overuse of screens are often ignored. Developmental delay, obesity, sleep deprivation, mental illness, aggression, defiance, social phobia, poor communication, attention deficit and learning disorders are all associated with technology overuse. Cris provides initiatives to manage balance between technology use and healthy activities, and work toward creating ‘sustainable’ children through human connection and why it is essential for child development. 

Parent Webinar:  The Brain Liberated: How Freedom from Electronic Screens Can Change the Brain in Days, Weeks, and Months … and for Years to Come

Speaker:  Dr. Victoria Dunkley

Description: This talk is a fascinating presentation that is based on Dr. Dunkley’s expertise and years of research and work with adolescents.  There are three parts to the presentation.  Part 1:  Is Your Child’s Brain at Risk?  This is about how electronic screen media activates the brain and overstimulates it and can lead to behavior that mimics a variety of behavioral and neurological disorders.  Part 2: “The Reset Solution”:  Why the 4-week plan to reset your child’s brain by eliminating all screen time for 28 days is so important.  Part 3:  Beyond the Reset:  Action Plans for the Home, School, and Community. This offers valuable tips on how to get cooperation from schools who are 100% electronic screen educators.  Additionally, she brilliant when it comes to having answers for the zillion arguments you will get from you teen as to why they need more screen time or I-phones!   Most importantly you will be motivated and reassured that unplugging works and is not as difficult as it sounds.

Parent Webinar: Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers

 Speaker: Opal Singleton, President and CEO of Million Kids

  • Equips parents with insight into how human trafficking works
  • The psychological profile predators search out
  • Practical ways to stay vigilant for your household

Never before in history has there been so much competition to influence your child’s morals, spirituality, sexuality, gender identity, self-image and decision-making.  One bad decision can change a child’s life forever, and the life of their family. “Seduced” is all about how ACCESS is used to GROOM and RECRUIT young people, which all too often ends in EXPLOITATION. It is designed to be a parent empowering program. It is a guide for parents to understand the influence and coercion processes, and, most critically, equip adults with dialogue, insights and psychology that can put the power back into parenting. In essence, it is understanding the psychology behind technology. It is about unprecedented access to groom a child’s soul. 

Camp Unplugged is programmed for the entire family. Throughout the program parents will be encouraged to participate in online webinars provided by world thought leaders in their fields.  Along with education, there will be   

Q & A sessions.  Stay tuned for instructions on how to join.

Below is information about the webinars for parents.

Parent Webinar: Hooked on Games: The Lure and Cost of Video Game and Internet Addiction

Speaker: Andrew Doan, MD, PhD

  • Neuroscience of addiction and video games

  • Physical and emotional needs that social media and gaming fulfills

  • Who is more vulnerable to this addiction?

  • Hopeful solutions for the family

 Dr. Doan will share his expertise as a physician and neuroscientist to explain the dangers of video game addiction and the physical and emotional needs that gaming fulfills. He shares the neuroscience of how video games increase dopamine and can cause a physical addiction to occur.  The developmental stage of neuronal pruning will be explained so that parents understand the limited time a child has for the brain to easily learn the skills necessary for life.  Having battled his own addictions with video games, he will share steps for families to take for prevention and explain what symptoms are warning signs for addiction. Finally, you will learn how games and social media are designed to get a person hooked by exploiting the dopamine reward pathway that all humans have and can fall victim to over using technology. You will be empowered and hopeful from this valuable message.

Camp Unplugged Parent Webinars