Palomar Christian Conference Center


There is a battle for the hearts and minds of our youth today.  In the Pastoral Epistles, Paul challenges the young man Timothy to stand firm in his faith and to be an example to all believers.  Our outdoor Leadership Camp is designed to partner with your school to cultivate the characteristics and lifestyle disciplines of a Biblical leader in your students.  This will enable them to use their gifts and talents to serve as disciples of Christ. 

We cultivate leadership in your students by scaffolding and processing individual and team challenges.  Interactive seminars set the foundation for Biblical principles while Initiatives, Projects, Low Ropes Course, and High Ropes Course serve as tools to process principles. Reflection and application is solidified through a solo experience, prayer partners, and small group interaction.  This intentional scaffolding is complimented through devotions, free-time activities, a Theme Night, a Campfire Night, and our epic Egg Wars.  Partner with us in Paul’s rally call as we challenge and equip youth through a week of hands-on, life-defining leadership development!