What NOT to Bring:
-Electronics: cellphones, iPods, iPads, gameboys, etc.
-Knives, guns, fireworks, etc.
-Bad attitude
-Inappropriate clothing, language
-Anything that might get you in trouble

Launch Camp What to Bring Daily
1.  Authorization Pick Up Form
2.  Medication Form (if your camper is taking medications)

-ID for pick up – see Authorization Pick Up Form
-Swimsuit (Girls: One piece swimsuit. Guys: swim shorts)
-Closed-toed athletic shoes
-Shoes that get wet (optional)

-Filled water bottle
-Lunch (a snack will be provided in the afternoon)
-Bag for wet clothes


  • Monday: Normal active clothes
  • Tuesday: Team Color Day - You'll find out on Monday the team color.
  • Wednesday: Wacky Day - Be creative, and have fun!
  • Thursday: Throwback Day - Maybe an afro, fringe, neon, clothes from last week, or even T-shirts from past years of Launch Camp!
  • Friday: Theme Shirt Day - We'll pass these out the day before.

*ALL theme day clothes need to be active wear.  They'll be playing in them!

Palomar Christian Conference Center