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​Dr. Andrew Doan’s parent webinar: “The Lure and Cost of Video Game and Internet Addiction" 

Dr. Doan will share his personal testimony about how gaming addiction turned him into a

monster and how he nearly lost his family, marriage, and career.  As an MD, PhD, and

researcher, he is an expert on the effects that technology addiction has on a person.  He

will share the emotional needs that gaming, social media and technology are fulfilling for

our youth.  The affect that dopamine, brain pruning, and stress has on brain development

is related to how the internet is affecting adolescents.  He concludes with how we are

sacrificing our God-given potential by wasting time playing in the virtual world. 

You will be fascinated!

Student Curriculum: Digital Vortex Survival Guide: Behaviors, Digital Media, and the Brain

Authors: Julie Doan, RN, and Christie Walsh

Students will be taught that the neuroscience of the brain is affected by what we do, think, see, hear, and experience. Our goal is to equip teens and families with knowledge so that they can thrive in the digital age and escape being sucked into a digital vortex.  Each of the twelve, 3 page lessons will be read, discussed and applied to the students' own perception of their daily lives and relationship with God. Topics include: God is in science, brain development, brain pruning, the reward cycle, fight or flight response, and more.  Our brains and body are miraculously made.  When a student learns about their own brain development they realize their behaviors matter!  

Dr. Victoria Dunkley’s parent webinar- “The Brain Liberated: How Freedom from Electronic Screens Can Change the Brain in Days, Weeks, and Months … and for Years to Come.” 

This talk is a fascinating presentation that is based on Dr. Dunkley’s expertise and years

of research and work with adolescents.  There are three parts to the presentation.  

Part 1:  Is Your Child’s Brain at Risk?  This is about how electronic screen media activates

the brain and overstimulates it and can lead to behavior that mimics a variety of behavioral

and neurological disorders. 

Part 2: “The Reset Solution”:  Why the 4-week plan to reset your child’s brain by

eliminating all screen time for 28 days is so important. 

Part 3:  Beyond the Reset:  Action Plans for the Home, School, and Community. This offers

valuable tips on how to get cooperation from schools who are 100% electronic screen

educators.  Additionally, she is brilliant when it comes to having answers for the zillion

arguments you will get from your teen as to why they need more screen time or iPhones!   

Most importantly, you will be motivated and reassured that unplugging works and is not as difficult as it sounds.  

Parent Webinars(links will be emailed to you)

​Camp Unplugged is not just for your student’s education, it’s for the parents too! We will equip you with the most up to date knowledge necessary to survive the digital age and protect your family!  Like no other camp, we offer web seminars taught by leading experts Dr. Andrew Doan, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Dr. Victoria Dunkley, and Opal Singleton about the effect that digital media has on the brain, behavior, emotions, safety, and our Christian faith. The internet enables constant access to education, communication, and entertainment.  It also enables unwanted access to bullying, over-stimulation, health problems, addiction, promiscuity, child abduction, sex trafficking, pornography, and more in the sanctity of your home.  There is no stopping it completely.  Parent webinars will include adult topics while the students will be taught age appropriate science and safeguards for healthy tech use.  We are not anti-tech use.  We are about healthy tech use so that you control tech before it controls you! Additionally, we will educate the students about health, nutrition, leadership, and how they all affect our ability to pursue God’s plan for our life. Check out our webinars below. Upon registration, you will be mailed a copy of the leaders' books. 

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras’s parent webinar: Glow Kids- How to Break the Trance
In this captivating seminar, Dr. Kardaras wxplainsthe trouble with tech and how it is hijacking

our kids. He discusses the “Big Disconnect” created by texting and social media. The

relationship between video games and aggression is explained with clarity and based on

scientific research. Actual events and case studies of video game psychosis are presented 

and tips are given about how to prevent it!  He makes astute connections with the financial

drivers supporting tech and how to navigate your family to a healthy use of technology.  You

will be so blessed by his message.

Campers and parents both will receive age-appropriate education from major world thought leaders.  Campers will be taught in person and will receive books and workbooks that will guide them through their learning for 4 weeks. Every week, parents will be invited via email to webinars to educate them alongside their kids.  This is a joint effort lifestyle change, and we want parents to feel involved as much as possible! 

Below is information about the seminars (including curriculum for campers) and the webinars for parents.

Seminar: Today’s Digital Age and Its Effect on Brain Development and Neurochemistry

Instructor: Dr. Andrew Doan, MD, PhD,

Description:  Students will have an interactive lesson led by Dr. Andrew Doan that teaches the function of the brain, its development, and how behavior can re-shape the brain’s wiring.  This is a fascinating lesson in which Dr. Doan makes complex neuroscience subjects easy to understand and conveys how amazing God made our brains.  

Seminar:  Seduced:  The Grooming of America’s Teenagers

Instructor:  Opal Singleton

Description: This seminar may be our most important.  It equips your student with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from internet predators. Real cases are used to illustrate how predators use social media and online gaming to access, groom, recruit, and exploit teenagers into sex trafficking, sextortion and exploitation. This is all done in a Christian manner and allows students to ask questions about what to be aware of when using social media.  Upon registration, you will receive Opal Singleton’s book: “Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers.”

​Seminar: A Healthy Body leads to a Healthy Mind!

Instructor: Dr. Andrew Doan, MD, PhD

Description:  In this 3-part series, the students will learn how exercise, sleep, nutrition, and stress affect and can improve the brain’s function. It will include guidelines about how much exercise, sleep, food and stress is good for your body and brain.   

Seminar:  Digital Vortex Survival Guide:  Behaviors, Digital Media, and the Brain.

Instructors: Julie Doan and Christie Walsh

Description: In this 6-part series, the students will correlate Biblical principles with healthy brain function. We will then apply it to digital media use and analyze how too much screen time limits the brain’s ability to properly function.  This interactive class will enable students to realize that there is a limited time to learn the skills they need for reaching their God-given potential.

Student Seminars:  All student seminars will be taught by Christian instructors who are experts in their field and who have dedicated their lives to diligently serve God and help students reach their God given potential and calling for their lives..

Camp Unplugged Seminars and Webinars