Camp Unplugged

Welcome to Camp Unplugged!

This is the first camp of its kind.  Palomar and Real Battle Ministries have partnered together, to give your teens the tools needed to survive the digital age and become the Christian leaders of tomorrow! This 4-week program enables young people to unplug from technology, learn the neuroscience about the effect technology has on brain development and why 28 days is necessary to enable the neurochemistry and hormones to reset to healthy levels. This digital fast will ignite creativity, personal connection and leadership skills, all while enjoying adventures in nature, education, and community service. Your teen will participate in seminars, daily Bible studies, camp activities, lessons about life skills, and even service projects.  We will study about technology and how it affects our health, behavior, and limits personal God-given potential from three world thought leaders.  Parents will be provided with webcast lessons in the privacy of their homes.  Upon registration, you will receive a copy of their books "Glow Kids," by Nicholas Kardaras, Ph. D. LCSW-R, "Reset your Child's Brain," by Victoria L. Dunkley, MD and "Hooked on Games," by Dr. Andrew Doan, MD, PhD in Neuroscience and researcher in addictive behaviors and resilience.

So if you, like so many parents have found it impossible to successfully reduce tech time at home, this camp is perfect! Take control of technology without the fights and hassles and help your child and family to thrive before serious problems develop. At Camp Unplugged, they will be so busy having fun, learning life skills, making lifelong friends, and gaining actual work experience to put on a resume - they won't even miss their phones! Most importantly, you will have peace of mind that you are doing a great service for your son or daughter and you! Give them the gift we all grew up with, a tech-free summer and the skills to attain their God-given potential! 

Palomar Christian Conference Center